Meet the 4 Africans Overseeing the ₿trust Bitcoin Development Fund by Jay-Z and Twitter CEO

Announced in February 2021, Jack and Jay-Z donated a total of 500 BTC to the ₿trust, an endowment fund, stating that it had the goal of funding bitcoin development in Africa and India.

In December 2021, Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter, revealed the names of board members for ₿trust.

To find the 3 board members, the fund had to go through 7,000 applications, including 6,600 proofs of work.

In the end, it settled on 4 board members, all from Africa.

Below is a list of the selected African board members for ₿trust.

Abubakar Nur Khalil

Still only 22 year old, Abubakar has already garnered interest from the crypto community thanks to his work with bitcoin.

A bitcoin core contributor, he is a recent recipient of $50,000 in BTC from Human Rights Foundation (HRF) for his work on Bitcoin wallet software and is in the midst of projects to qualify as a core developer in 2022.

Together with the next board member, Carla Kirk-Cohen, and others, HRF has also tasked Abubakar to set up the Qala fellowship, which is finding and educating the next generation of crypto talent in Africa.

The Nigerian National also serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Recursive Capital, a fund investing in founders building out web 3 across Africa.


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Carla Kirk – Cohen

Carla is a South African software engineer working with Lightning Labs, a company aimed at scaling the adoption of bitcoin.

Carla has previously worked for Luno, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Africa.

Carla has mentioned that she found bitcoin as she was looking for a career path after campus and hasn’t been able to imagine herself spending time on anything else.

When I read the Bitcoin Whitepaper, I was in awe of its simplicity, audacity, and mission to reshape the world’s common medium of communication – money

Carla Kirk – Cohen

Obi Nwosu

Obi Nwosu is the CEO and co-founder of Coinfloor, the UK’s longest-running Bitcoin exchange.

He has over 20 years’ experience building online marketplaces and bringing virtual currencies to tens of millions of people. Obi’s mission and focus is on making it easy for anyone to learn about, invest in, and own Bitcoin, the world’s best savings technology.

Nothing is more satisfying than promoting Bitcoin’s unique ability to empower every individual, and reduce the gap between the elite and everyone else.

Obi Nwosu

Ojoma Ochai

She’s a creative economy expert, curently managing partner of CcHUB Creative Economy, an organization that’s helping to facilitate innovation and technology in Africa’s Creative sector.

Moreover, Ojoma’s website states that she has about 20 years experience supporting the development of the global Creative Economy through contributions to various initiatives including capacity building, technical assistance, and funding initiatives that support global sector growth.


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