[December 11, 2021] Kenya Crypto Tour – Nakuru Edition

After a successful Mombasa Tour, BitKE is taking crypto education to Nakuru, the 4th largest city in Kenya, with the goal of bring crypto basics to the grassroots population.

The Nakuru Edition is the first of its kind in the city that targets both students and the business community in Nakuru with the goal of helping them get started with the basics of crypto.

There is an increasing need for grassroots Kenya to understand and get into crypto. With this in mind, the decision to take crypto education to the ground across the country, and not just within Nairobi, was one based on a market need.

This is the first tour of its kind in Kenya and it will include the following cities:

  • Mombasa – November, 2021
  • Nakuru – December, 2021
  • Kisumu – January, 2022
  • Nairobi – February, 2022

This much-anticipated tour will majorly cover the basics of cryptocurrency helping people on the grassroots get a good understanding of cryptocurrencies.

The target of the tour is to reach all people from all walks of life i.e business people, students, academia professionals, law societies, finance professionals etc. across the rest of the country.

At the end of the event, BitKE will take stock and help even more brands see the gaps that exist within the market and how to further reach the masses.

Attending the crypto event will be completely free.

BitKE eventually looks at having an East African, and ultimately an African tour, after the success of this event.


If you will be in Nakuru, below are the event details: