[WATCH] Founder, SunCulture, and a Celo Founder-in-Residence, Talks Web 3.0

Charles Nichols is well known as the founder of SunCulture, a solar agri-asset financing company founded in 2021 in Kenya.

SunCulture is the only SME globally to provide turnkey solar-powered irrigation solutions tailored for smallholder farmers bundled with acillary products and services smallholder farmers need to succeed.

Charles is now working on his second company, an eCommerce platform, powered by web3.

According to Charles:

“When I look at centralized systems around the world, they are all owned by a small group of individuals who are able to exert their decisions on anyone who uses these solutions.

What is really exciting to be with technologies like Celo and web3 technologies is that you can enable the users to become the owners of the platform.”

– Founder, SunCulture

Speaking about Web 3 and how developers can build dApps on blockchains like Celo, Charles said:

“You don’t have to dive in 100% putting everything on the blockchain from day one. You can take pieces of web2 applications that have already demonstrated value and you can integrate those pieces with the blockchain.

You can do that for KYC, identity, payments, savings, credit and loans products. So, we’re seeing a lot of applications in all those spaces.”

– Founder, SunCulture

Check out the full video above to learn more about:

  • Trends in the web3 space
  • Web3 advantages
  • Web3 approaches
  • Charles’s new product in the making
  • Advice to developers

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