Azteco Adds 200,000 Retail Outlets for Purchasing Bitcoin in South Africa

Azteco, a firm that lets users purchase bitcoin by buying and redeeming vouchers, has added 200, 000 retail outlets where people in South Africa can purchase their vouchers.

“Topping up with a Bitcoin voucher is exactly the same as topping up a mobile phone; millions of people on earth do it every week. Now with Azteco, they can top up with Bitcoin, allowing them to participate in global ecommerce.”

– Azteco

The firm also says its business is viable having already processed more than $10,000,000 worth of vouchers.

Users can redeem the bitcoin vouchers by entering the redemption codes on the Azteco website. They can also download lightning bitcoin wallets such as Wallet of Satoshi, Muun, and Blue Wallet on the App Store and Google Play, and redeem the vouchers by scanning QR codes.


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Physical retail stores earn a commission for selling Bitcoin and Azteco takes a small percentage of the transaction.

According to Azteco’s founder, Akin Fernandez their service aims to expand and simplify financial acces for billions who still have little access to banks.

“Azteco fully embraces this demographic with a form factor everyone is already familiar with, whilst leveraging Bitcoin’s frictionless rails. And now we have distribution into almost a quarter of a million outlets to bring this beneficial humanitarian tool to anyone who needs it.”

– Founder, Azteco

Other than South Africa, Azteco says its service is available in more than 8,000 stores across the USA, and 1,388 across Poland. The service is also available in more than 700 retail stores in the United Kingdom.


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