Crypto Startups Raised as Much in January 2022 as All Startups in Africa in 2021

While 2021 set the record for investments in crypto startups, January 2022 data indicate even more capital flow this year.

In January 2022 alone, crypto startups have raised nearly $5 billion. This is just as much as all the investments that African startups raised in 2021 at $4.65 billion.

The nearly $5 billion in new funding broke a monthly record.

Interestingly, funding increased despite the broader crypto market slowdown.

A lot of the new funding rounds have continued to get bigger, especially for later-stage companies.

Here are January 2022 key stats:

  • Around 200 crypto startups secured funding
  • There were 15 mega rounds of at least $100 million
  • The biggest round was from Fireblocks at $550 million
  • Crypto trading, custody, and financial services categories received the most funding
  • The NFT and gaming vertical continue to secure ample cash
  • Crypto infrastructure is getting popular among VCs

While African tech took center stage in 2021, the crypto space seems prepped for even major growth in 2022 just by looking at the impressive investments in January 2022 alone.


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