[BUNAKOO NFT EVENT: MARCH 31, 2022] A Virtual Exhibition and NFT Auction Exploring the Coffee Ecosystem in Ethiopia

The Bunakoo initiative, powered by Afrovalley, will be hosting a virtual art exhibition and an auction for the Dancing Goats Collection, exploring the coffee ecoystem in Ethiopia, via the medium of NFTs.

Bunakoo is a term by the Oromo people, natives of Ethiopia, which means, My Coffee.

According to Afrovalley, coffee is known to have numerous economic, social, and spiritial impacts on many people from different geographical locations, cultures, and psychological backgrounds.


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Whenever coffee is traded on the New York coffee exchange and the price is set on the world market, it disregards the intrinsic values and its impact on community socio-culture.

To put this into context, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity globally after oil. People pay premium dollar for quality coffee beans. However, farmers are not properly incentivized compared to the value gained and earned by the rest of the supply chain the global marketplace.

This collection seeks to highlight the coffee making process and the heritage and trade aspects of coffee.



  • DATE: March 31, 2022
  • TIME: 4.00 PM – 7.00 PM EAT / 4.00 PM CET / 8.00 AM CST


The Dancing Goats Collection seeks to showcase the cultural and heritage aspects of Ethiopian coffee, its farmers, and stives to protect the ancient coffee culture in the digital space.

The Dancing Goats Collection will showcase 6 digital artworks that educates on coffee’s intrinsic values and its impact on community socio-culture while simultaneously bringing consumers closer to farmers beyond any commercial values while bulding capacity to empower farmers in Ethiopia.

BunakooDAO currently consists of the following:

  • 500 farmers with a yield of over 70, 000 tonnes of coffee per year
  • Accumulated farmers’ revenue of over $300 million per year
  • Above figures expected to grow by 30%
  • The DAO will cover approximately 1.5 billion trees
  • Carbon credit worth will be over $1.5 billion

Signup and attend the upcoming Bunakoo NFT auction via this link:



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