[EXPLAINER GUIDE] How to Mint an NFT on the Momint Marketplace in 7 Simple Steps

Momint is a South African online marketplace which allows artists to auction, sell, trade, and display their art as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In October 2021, Momint made South African history by doing the quickest seed raise to date of $2.1 million in about 2 weeks.

In March 2022, the marketplace was back in the headlines after a NFT of Nelson Mandela’s arrest warrant was auctioned for over $130,000, making it the most successful NFT sale in Africa.


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Momint prides itself in making it easy for anyone to mint NFTs of anything. It is completely free to mint an NFT on Momint.

So how do you go about minting NFTs on Momint?

1. Sign Up on Momint

You first need to sign up an account with Momint. This is simple and straightforward. Once you enter your personal details, don’t forget to accept the terms of use.

After you accept the terms of use, you will get to click on a button to join Momint. You will then see another page asking you to set profile information.

Once you enter your desired information, click finish.

2. Your Momint Profile

Momint prides itself as a social NFT platform, and indeed you start to get this experience after setting up your profile.

Like most social media sites, and most apps really, you will see suggestions of creators that you can follow to get you going.

There is also the navigation menu at the top with buttons like:

  • Feed
  • Discover
  • Upload
  • Wallet
  • Activity

The navbar will be useful going forward.

3, Select New Post on Navbar

This is where things get even more exciting and simple!!

From your nav menu (you can refer to the image in step 2) select new post at the top of your home screen, then upload your file.

Why new post?

Since Momint is trying to create a social media experience, uploading a new NFT is tantamount to posting it :). Anyway, once you click on the upload button, you will get the following prompt:

Just say okay

4. Upload Image

Once you click OKAY, you get to upload the file you want to turn it into a NFT or mint!! This is a simple and relatable process.

Click on the upload button to open your computer file system and browse to where the image you want to turn into a NFT is.

In my case, I made a simple piece of art using Microsoft Paint, nothing fancy.

The Image I Uploaded on Momint

5. Enter Details of Uploaded File

Momint will ask you to give a title and a description of what you uploaded. You will then be required to check a box confirming that what you uploaded is original content.

Once you confirm that, you can move on by clicking NEXT.

6. Momint Originality Analysis

The next step, Momint will run what it calls an originality analysis to confirm that what you uploaded is not on their platform already.

Momint’s Originality Analysis

Once it confirms that your upload is unique, click CONTINUE .

7. Set the Price and Other Details

The last step asks you to put down a price you would want to ask for your creation. Other settings include how many editions you want to make of the NFT.

You will also set how much royalty you want to earn each time someone buys your NFT. Like all social media, you get to set categories and tags too.

Finally, click on Mint NFT and Post!

The whole minting (sorry, posting) process is free, as Momint CEO, Ahren Posthumus, revealed to us in this exclusive video interview.


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