[WATCH] When You Start Innovating with Money, You Build a Regenerative Financial System – A Chat with Founder, CELO

BitKE, in partnership with Kenyan WallStreet, got to chat with Rene Reinsberg, the Founder and President of CELO on the sidelines of the #CeloConnect inaugural conference.

Rene discussed the vision and mission of CELO and the growing adoption that is taking place in emerging markets.

Speaking about the need for innovating on money, Rene highlighted the need for Universal Universal Income (UBI), saying:

“UBI is one of the five features of money, and when you can bring UBI to everyone in the world on a phone, you’re not only creating a way for people to be financially included, but also to participate in the global digital economy.”

– President, CELO

BitKE and Kenyan WallStreet were on location as media partners at the #CeloConnect conference in Barcelona, Spain, to talk with the CELO team as well as interact with the the global CELO community at the event.


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