EXPLAINER: Spotlight on EPNS, a Decentralized Notification Service for DApp Users

Web 3.0 projects are inspired by the weaknesses in web 2.0. A key drawback in web 2 is the the centralized and exploitative nature of notifications.

Enter decentralized notifications, or more specifically, the Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS)

The EPNS Protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps, or traditional servers to send notifications to user wallet addresses in a ‘platform-agnostic’ fashion. This means notifications can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, any mobile app, extension, or a dApp.


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EPNS is accessible through app.epns.io on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used by channels and subscribers.

  • Channels are dApps, users, businesses that want to send notifications to others
  • Subscribers are those who wish to receive notifications from others

EPNS allows Web3 actors (users, dapps, service providers) to create notifications that are triggered if and when a smart contract reaches certain conditions. Other Web3 participants can search, browse, and subscribe to specific notifications.

The service is looking to solve the problem of users having to go back to the multiple services that they use to receive notifications. Their solutions makes it possible to set those services as part of EPNS which receives the latest updates from them and will be shown to the user on whichever platform they are on.

The service comes in the form of an app whereupon users can connect their wallets before subscribing to different channels. These deliver them notifications based on customizable actions that occur on-chain letting users stay on top of their addresses and dApp activity like liquidation warnings in DeFi.

They also offer a chrome browser extension.

Channels that Users Can Select to Receive Notifications from

With 25 dApp patners s at close of H1 2021, some of the apps using EPNS include Uniswap, Aave, Gitcoin, and Polygon.

Users getting EPNS alerts are also rewarded.

EPNS uses staking by service which is then lent out to DeFi lending giant AAVE to generate interest. The resulting interest is eventually distributed among EPNS subscribers made possible through the $PUSH token.

Today, $PUSH is a top 150 pair on UniSwap with over 3,000 on-chain holders and trading on major exchanges like MEXC Global, Gate.io and KuCoin.

The service launched on the Ethereum mainnet in Q1, 2022 enabling access to both channels and subscribers.


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