The Biggest Challenge in Gaming in Africa is Technical Accessibility – A Chat with CEO, Carry1st

BitKE caught up with Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO, Carry1st, the leading Web3 gaming platform in Africa, to talk about the company’s latest $20 million funding round and their next move into blockchain gaming.

Carry1st is looking to be the go-to market partner for blockchain gaming on the African continent. So far, it has successfully built one of the leading gaming studios in Africa with one of the fastest growing communities and game titles.

Breaking down how Carry1st is approaching the gaming landscape in Africa, Cordel said:

“We see our addressable market really as 8 countries to start with. The first 4 is:

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Egypt

The second is:

  • Ghana
  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia

Importantly, you can’t look at Africa as a monolith. You have to address each country individually, whethere its culturally, technically, or financial systems, and so, each bring different things to the table.

I would say, South Africa is your most developed and wealthiest, so most of your classic gamers that look like Western gamers I would say are in South Africa.

Countries like Egypt and Nigeria just have massive scale, tonnes of energy and untapped potential.

Kenya is an interesting one. Its smaller but as far as engagement, we see the highest engagement there. so your most avid gamers, your most digitally savvy, digitally native individuals.

Interestingly, your other North African countries – Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia – have a legacy of like PC gaming, which is pretty rare, on the continent at least, which leads to a lot of different gaming behaviours.”

– CEO, Carry1st

In this discussion, Cordel talks:

  • Early beginnings of Carry1st
  • The $20 million funding raise
  • An overview of the gaming landscape in Africa
  • Cordel’s favorite games
  • Collaborations within the Web3 gaming space
  • Challenges facing gaming studios and platforms in Africa
  • Interesting gaming finance models
  • Gaming guilds in Africa
  • Supporting African game developers and studios
  • Advice to African entrepreneurs


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