UABA Blockchain Project for Social Good Receives Zambian Government Support


Blockchain adoption in Zambia achieved a major milestone as the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) Youth Empowerment Pilot Project received official backing from the government of Zambia.

The Ministry of Technical and Science (MOTS), in an official letter to UABA from the Permanent Secretary, Brilliant Habeenzu, at MOTS, expressed support of the feasibility of using blockchain as one of the innovative ways for empowering under-privileged communities and the youth in particular.

UABA is embarking on a youth empowerment pilot project in three of Lusaka’s townships. Recognizing the need for digital literacy, skills development preparations for the 4th Industrial Revolution, and poverty alleviation. The Science and Technology Ministry earlier in February 2022 partnered with UABA on this social endeavor.


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The youth empowerment pilot project intends to create sustainable local communities through incentive-based crypto opportunities that will enable communities to earn and spend cryptocurrencies for basic human needs, as well as test the feasibility of implementing blockchain in the Zambia Public sector. Kalingalinga, Chainda, and Mutendere have been earmarked for the project. The commencement of the project is yet to be announced.

To help the organization fulfill its obligations in Zambia, UABA Zambia appointed a new board made up of champions from various industries. The appointments reflect the fintech, entrepreneur, and venture capital direction that UABA intends to take in Zambia. The new team is composed of individuals from the banking sector, payments sector, and startup accelerators.

United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) is a Non-Profit Organization formed for the promotion of the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa, and creating partnerships and networks that deliver on life changing blockchain projects. UABA’s learning programs empower individuals and organizations with skills and networks to build solutions that take advantage of blockchain technology.


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