EXPLAINER GUIDE: How to Breed Axies in Axie Infinity and Earn $SLP Tokens

Axie Infinity is a popular Play-As-You-Earn game that has drawn a lot of interest, accounting for 2/3 of the NFT gaming market.

In 2021, Axie players transacted about $3.5 billion worth of NFTs. Besides the prospect of earning money, Axie Infinity is a game in the Role Playing (RPG) genre that many gamers and curious people are interested in.

The game is based on creatures called ‘Axies’ that players collect and use to complete daily quests, duel other players, with each being a NFT that is minted on the blockchain.

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One key in-game role is breeding an Axie so that they grow in ability to gain rewards on the battlefield.

In this guide, you will learn the 5 simple steps to breed an Axie.

1. Genetic Knowledge

Each Axie has a total of 6 sets of genes, which will determine an Axie’s six different body parts. Each part consists of 3 genes:

  • Dominant (D)
  • Recessive (R1)
  • Minor Recessive (R2)

The dominant genes will determine the body parts that are present physically on an Axie. Each gene has a percentage chance to be passed down to the offspring, including R1 and R2.


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2. Simulate Outcomes

Here is where you can simulate the offspring that can arise from two Axies.

You can use the Axie.zone Breeding Simulator for this simulation even though there are other sites for this.

An Axie cannot be bred with its siblings and parents. However, an Axie can be bred with its non-immediate family. 

3. Analyze the Possibilities

Once you click ‘Breed,’ one result will appear below the simulator. Click ‘Breed’ at least 5 times to get a general idea of what your offspring will look like.

It’s up to you if you want to simulate several times more.

4. Review Breeding Cost

Breeding an Axie requires two resources: 

  • Axie Infinity Shards ($AXS) 
  • Smooth Love Potions ($SLP)

At the time of writing, breeding costs 4 $AXS and some $SLP to breed an Axie. $SLP cost depends on the breed count of both parents.

The amount of breeding fee denoted in fiat may fluctuate constantly depending on the market value of $AXS price and $SLP price, so don’t forget to check the price before you breed.

5. Breed and Morph

Once you’re all set and ready to breed some Axies, all you have to do is go to your Axie Infinity ‘My Account’ dashboard and select ‘Inventory.’

Once you confirm the breeding cost, click ‘Let’s Breed!’ on the breeding page to breed the Axies.

After breeding, you will receive an Egg in your inventory. It takes five days for an Axie to mature.

Once it is ready, select ‘Morph into Adult’ and you’ll have your full-fledged adult Axie ready for use!


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