[WATCH: EXPLAINER GUIDE] How to Send $TON on Telegram in 3 Steps

Telegram has rolled out crypto payment capability using the cryptocurrency TonCoin ($TON), according to the The Open Network (TON) Foundation.

Users can now download Telegram’s official wallet bot which allows them to buy, trade, and send cryptocurrencies to other wallets.

According to statement by the TON Foundation:

“We expect this functionality to expand into consumer-to-business payments, allowing users to quickly purchase products and services by sending TonCoin using the bots.”

– The TON Foundation


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Here’s how to quickly enable crypto payment on Telegram.

  • Step 1

Open the Telegram messenger and search for “wallet

  • Step 2

After adding the Telegram’s official wallet, users can pull up the wallet by running the command “/start” and then attaching it to the menu.

Once you select “Add to Attachments Menu” and confirm, you will be able to see wallet in the attachments menu in your chat area:

  • Step 3

Now, search for the recipient’s name you want to send, confirm all the details, and then hit “Send.”

In this case, this user may first need to buy TonCoin first.

Your recipient will receive the TonCoin through the chat.

According to TON Foundation, the bot has so far:

used by 800,000 accounts and has processed over 52 million transactions and has over 486,000 wallets.


NB: Above is a video made by the TON foundation summarizing the whole process.




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