[WATCH] Celo Holds Inaugural Monthly Happy Hour Event in Kampala, Uganda

In May, 2022, the Celo community in Uganda, in collaboration with the Innovation Village, a premier tech launchpad and co-working space in Uganda, held the inaugural Kampala Blockchain Happy Hour.

The event was the first in a series of monthly meet-ups aimed at raising awareness about Celo, a mobile-first, carbon negative blockchain platform, while fostering a more connected, collaborative and prosperous blockchain community in Uganda.

Celo is on a mission to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone, especially in developing nations of Africa.

The event was well attended with over 35 individuals who represented a diverse audience, ranging from founders in the blockchain industry to the crypto-curious.


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According to Umar Sebyala, the ecosystem lead for Uganda at the Celo Foundation:

 “The Celo community is bound by 2 core tenets: unique purpose and connectedness. Through fostering a collaborative and connected community, we can allow everyone to grow along their unique path in life while growing the collective prosperity of the community right from the individual level. That is why we have partnered with the Innovation Village to create a recurring monthly space for the local blockchain community in Uganda to meet and interact over coffee.

We already have several Ugandan startups building on Celo, such as Kanzu code, Muda, and CryptoSavannah, and we hope that this event series will be a mainstay on the calendar of the local blockchain community.”   

– Ecosystem Lead, Celo Foundation, Uganda

The next event is scheduled for:

  • DATE: June 24, 2022
  • LOCATION: The Innovation Village, Ntinda complex, Block D
  • TIME: 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM


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