Out of 4 African Startups Selected in Replit Ventures Accelerator, 2 are in Crypto and Web3

In June 2022, Replit announced 13 startups across the world to its startup accelerator programme, with 4 being from Africa, 2 of which are solving problems in crypto and Web3.

Replit is a San Francisco-based startup and an online IDE (integrated development environment). Replit allows users to create projects (called Repls) and write code in many supported languages.

Some of the benefits that the startups selected in its accelerator program will get include:

  • A $10,000 grant
  • 10 weeks of mentorship
  • Expertise from guest speakers, including Y Combinator


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Here are the startups selected from Africa:

10 Academy

10 Academy identifies high-potential young people from anywhere in Africa and enables them to get a global-level job as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or Web3 Engineer in less than 6 months.

The founders are Yabebal Fantaye (@yabebalf) & Arun Sharma (a2sharma).

CoinHub Africa

CoinHub Africa is building crypto infrastructure for West African French-speaking countries. CoinHub Africa allows professionals and amateur traders, NFTs artists, and crypto adopters living in 6 African countries to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies using local payment methods.

The founders are Serigne Mouhamadou Bassirou Diaby (@bayevels), Papa Bacary Ndiaye (@ndiayepapabaca1), Elhadji Doro Gueye (@hadjidoro).


Jamit is an all-in-one platform empowering creators with tools to go from creation to monetization easily and for users to discover amazing content, support the creators behind them, and get rewarded for it, all using the power of Web3.

The founders are Ike Orizu (@ikeorizu)and Stanley Agbadugo.


Relearn is on a mission to get kids to become more comfortable with technology at a young age so that as adults, they can continue to innovate and shape our world.

Relearn wants to make programming accessible and possible for all kids in under-represented communities. Learning to code can change lives, but most kids in the developing world have no chance to do so.

The founders are Akpobi Oghenemaro & Eseoghene Akpobi.


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