The Development Bank of Ghana (DBG) Launches to Provide Long-Term Loans to Ghanaian SMEs

The Development Bank of Ghana (DBG) has officially launched and aims to be the country’s latest attempt to shore up small / medium enterprises which power 70% of the 82$ billion Ghanaian economy.

On the DGB website, the bank states that its mission is to:

  • Facilitate and strengthen long-term credit flow to Ghanaian businesses to drive long-term economic growth
  • Empower banks and entrepreneurs through financial innovation and other advisory services to strengthen the ecosystem in which businesses operate
  • Promote excellence within the businesses we support in terms of Environmental, Social, and Governance


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The DBG has an initial $600 million to loan to commercial banks in Ghana – including these 4 banks that have already signed up as partners:

  • CalBank
  • Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG)
  • GCB Ban
  • Fidelity Bank

The above banks will make 3-15 year loans of between $25,000 – $3 million to small and medium enterprises(SMEs) in Ghana.

Companies with 100 workers or less struggle to get loans in Ghana, with a World Bank report estimating the gap between supply and demand equivalent to 13% of GDP in 2017.

DBG has been designed to help relieve critical bottlenecks that have hindered the availability of long-term, competitively-priced loans to small and medium-sized enterprises in industry sectors that have the potential to transform the economy, namely, agribusiness, manufacturing, ICT, and high-value services.

In an interview with Reuters, Kwamina Duker , CEO, DBG:

“DBG recognises the crucial role of SMEs in our country’s economy and has made it its mission to catalyse their growth. We cannot do this without operating as a united front alongside our partners.

There is very little long-term financing available, at rates that will allow our SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to grow. DBG’s aim is to raise the proportion of loans given to small businesses in Ghana from around 9% to 15% in two years.”

– CEO, Development Bank of Ghana (DBG)

DBG is owned by the Government of Ghana. The $600 million contribution breakdown stands as follows:

  • $250 million – Government of Ghana
  • $200 million – World Bank
  • $177.7 million – EIB
  • $46.5 million – KfW


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