Machankura, Africa’s Leading Bitcoin USSD Service, Goes Live in Ghana

Machankura launches the USSD code *920*8333# in Ghana through lightning network to help feature phone users with no internet access to send and receive BTC. In the last few months, Machankura's usership has increased by 10x as word spreads about the product in Africa.

Machankura has launched a new USSD code – *920*8333# – to facilitate Bitcoin transactions for feature phone users. This innovative move is expected to revolutionize the way people in Ghana transact in cryptocurrencies, especially in remote areas where access to the internet is limited.

The USSD code operates through the Lightning Network, a layer two scaling solution for Bitcoin that allows for faster and cheaper transactions. This means that feature phone users can now send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) without needing access to the internet or a smartphone. Transactions on the Lightning Network are also highly secure, making them ideal for small transactions and micropayments.



To use the new USSD code, users simply need to dial *920*8333# on their feature phone and follow the prompts to create a Bitcoin wallet and deposit funds. The service is available 24/7 making it convenient for users to transact at any time of the day.

This move by Machankura is expected to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Ghana especially among those who do not have access to smartphones or reliable internet connectivity.

Overall, the launch of the USSD code *920*8333# by Machankura is a significant step towards expanding access to cryptocurrencies in Ghana.

In the last few months, Machankura’s usership has increased by 10x as word spreads about the product in Africa.

By leveraging the Lightning Network and offering a convenient and secure method of transacting, the company is empowering feature phone users to take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. This move serves as a model for other countries looking to expand access to cryptocurrencies.




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