Q&A | Blockchain & Crypto Gaming in Africa – A Chat with an Avid African Crypto Gamer

BitKE delved into the captivating realm of blockchain and crypto gaming to uncover the perspectives and experiences of the Tribe Community, Kenya, and Africa as a whole.  The Tribe gaming community is powered by Carry1st, which is a top African game publisher with a leading online shop for gamers and more.

An Interview with Michael “BlackHeart” Ezeh – Insights into the Dynamic World of Crypto Gaming

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have revolutionized various industries, and the gaming world is no exception. With the emergence of blockchain and NFT technology, gaming enthusiasts are exploring new avenues where they can not only indulge in their passion but also earn real-world value. 

BitKE delved into the captivating realm of blockchain and crypto gaming to uncover the perspectives and experiences of the Tribe Community, Kenya, and Africa as a whole.  The Tribe gaming community is powered by Carry1st, which is a top African game publisher with an online shop for gamers and more.


We also had an insightful conversation with Michael Ezeh, known as BlackHeart, a gaming and blockchain enthusiast, as well as the former Play1st Community Manager, to gain deeper insights into this burgeoning trend.


The Pulse of the Tribe Community: Unveiling the Poll Results

We asked 100 Tribe members to gauge their sentiments and engagement with crypto gaming. The results were intriguing:

  • 4% of gamers were already enjoying both the thrill and monetary rewards of crypto gaming
  • On the flip side, 14% had yet to dive into this world, and
  • 82% were thrilled by the idea and expressed their keen interest in trying it out

This overwhelming interest in crypto gaming paints a picture of a community eager to explore the synergy between blockchain technology and the gaming landscape.


Diving Deeper with BlackHeart: Insights into Crypto Gaming

BitKE: Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of crypto gaming and blockchain gaming. Many of us have heard these terms, but are they really one and the same? Let’s unravel the differences. Could you shed some light on the distinctions between crypto gaming and blockchain gaming?

BlackHeart: Absolutely, great question! While these terms might seem interchangeable, there’s a subtle yet important difference between crypto gaming and blockchain gaming. Crypto gaming involves aspects like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the rewards you can earn while playing these games. On the other hand, blockchain gaming refers to the games built on the blockchain framework itself. So, in essence, crypto gaming focuses on the rewards and currencies within games, whereas blockchain gaming refers to the games’ underlying technology.


BitKE: Thanks for clarifying that! Now, moving on to Kenya’s gaming scene. Can you tell us about some of the standout blockchain games?

BlackHeart: Well, that can be tough to crack because there are a lot of titles out there. But if I had to give recommendations, I’d say Spells of Genesis, Battle Infinity, Axie Infinity, and Space Misfits are the titles that come to mind.


BitKE: Fascinating! Now, let’s dig into the big question: what blockchain is best for gaming?

BlackHeart I feel like any blockchain that makes swapping and purchasing seamless is really good for gaming

That said, some of the most notable blockchain games are hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although several other gaming chains have popped up, designed specifically for play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, my pick still leans towards BSC due to its versatility and accessibility.


BitKE: So, essentially, blockchain gaming is a win-win for both gamers and developers.

BlackHeart: Absolutely! Blockchain gaming presents a unique opportunity. Gamers have the potential to earn money while enjoying their favorite games, and game studios can also turn a profit through innovative game design and monetization strategies.


BitKE: Speaking of profits, we know crypto is issued as a reward. But how does that translate into actual income? Can blockchain games actually generate (real) income?

BlackHeart: Yes. So, when you play these games you get rewarded in tokens or NFTs. You can redeem these rewards or trade them on the games marketplace or even P2P and get real cash from this.


BitKE: Sounds good. But as they say, “nothing is free, even in Freetown”. With that in mind, Are these blockchain games free to play? 

BlackHeart: Indeed, some blockchain games are free to play, but if you want to earn from them, you typically need to invest in their NFTs or cryptocurrencies.


BitKE: That clears things up! Now, let’s talk specifics. How do you find and play these blockchain games?

BlackHeart: It’s a step-by-step process. Start by identifying games that reward players with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, then, access the relevant blockchain and set up your digital wallet. Download the game and follow the specified requirements, which might include owning the game’s tokens or crypto. 

While most games have their native currency, you can earn it and eventually convert it to stablecoins like USDT.


BitKE: Exciting stuff! So, you can genuinely earn cryptocurrency by playing games? How does that work?

BlackHeart: Absolutely. Yes, you can. For instance, during the pandemic lockdown, Axie Infinity emerged as a source of income for many, especially in regions like Asia, including the Philippines. It played a role in supporting families and alleviating financial strain.

The system is pretty straightforward. As I mentioned before, there’s this term; Play-2-Earn. It means, unlike your traditional games where you spend money on in-game purchases that have no real value in the real world, you can play games with the ability to earn rewards from them, like real-life value rewards.

To get started, all you need is a compatible device (PC or Mobile), a crypto wallet, and the specific game’s currency or NFTs.


BitKE: Interesting. On to formal side of things, where is crypto gaming legal? Any ideas?

BlackHeart: As far as I know, there are no laws against crypto gaming so far. It’s legal almost everywhere. You do have to remember though, that there are countries or locations where crypto is banned, so it’s possible gaming activities related to crypto are banned by extension.


BitKE: Got it. Now, can you make a living playing crypto games? Do you see it as a viable means of main income?

BlackHeart: You can. However, I wouldn’t advise trying to make a living playing crypto games. Instead, just go into streaming. Why? Currently, crypto gaming won’t give you even a quarter of what pro gamers get on traditional gaming and streaming their gameplay.

It’s better off as a side gig really. Besides, there are other ways to get cryptocurrencies.


BitKE: Oh really? How would someone earn crypto for free?

BlackHeart: Simple. The easiest way is to join airdrop campaigns or participate in mining challenges. There are lots of resources that can point you in the right direction for these campaigns and how you can join them.


BitKE: That sounds interesting, but do blockchain games actually make money?

BlackHeart: Looking at it from the opportunities presented, I believe they do in both ways i.e. for gamers and the game creators themselves. The gamer has the potential to make money and the game studio also have the chance to definitely make some profit.

We have to keep in mind that earnings can decrease over time due to various factors. Players often seek monetary rewards, while developers aim to generate profits, which can impact the long-term sustainability of some games.


BitKE: That’s another way to look at it, considering crypto gaming isn’t just about the gamers. So what would you say is the best outlook for anyone going into creating blockchain games then?

BlackHeart: I believe the key is striking a balance between token utility and gamer satisfaction. Imagine a high-quality blockchain game comparable to the likes of Call of Duty Mobile. That level of engagement could truly captivate players and bring substantial rewards.

In other words, people would be HOOKED! And you know where the people are, is where the money stays.


BitKE: Finally, let’s round off with some game recommendations. What are the top choices for various game genres?

BlackHeart: That’s relative to preferences, so depending on the gamer or the genre of games you can’t pick. But if I had to pick for BRs, I’ll pick Thetan Arena and EV.IO. Then for the simulation genre, I’ll pick Blockchain Football Manager. For card games, Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained come to mind.

BitKE: Thank you so much for this insightful and engaging conversation! You’ve shed light on the captivating realm of crypto gaming and blockchain gaming, giving our audience a clearer understanding of this exciting landscape.

BlackHeart: Always my pleasure!


A Glimpse into the Future

As the world of blockchain and crypto gaming evolves, so do the opportunities and challenges. BlackHeart’s insights shed light on the dynamic relationship between gamers and studios, emphasizing the potential for both parties to thrive. 

The allure of ‘Play 2 Earn’ concepts is a global phenomenon. As BlackHeart mentioned, the marriage of engaging gameplay and real-world value is a recipe for revolutionizing how we experience and monetize our gaming passions. So, whether you’re in Nairobi or anywhere around the globe, keep your eyes peeled for the exciting future that blockchain and crypto gaming are crafting.

With a vibrant gaming community eager to explore and a wealth of insights from experts and creators like BlackHeart, the fusion of blockchain and gaming in Kenya promises a thrilling journey ahead.




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