REGULATION | ‘We Have Paused World ID Verifications in Kenya as We Work with Local Regulators,’ Says CEO, WorldCoin

"We have paused World ID verifications in Kenya as we continue to work with local regulators to address their questions. We apologize to everyone in Kenya for the delay. World ID is built for privacy. We look forward to resuming operations, while continuing global rollout." - CEO, WorldCoin

WorldCoin has issued a statement in response to its suspension in Kenya.

In a communique to the Kenyan public, the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Kenya said it was suspending Worldcoin activities in the country as it conducted investigations to ensure the security of the collected information.

Following the government directive, Alex Blania, the CEO and Co-Founder of WorldCoin, declared the temporary suspension of WorldCoin’s verification process in Kenya. This pause comes as the company collaborates with regulatory authorities to tackle the concerns that have been raised, he said on Twitter.

In a statement WorldCoin responded to the concerns raised by the Ministry of Interior concerning its activities in Kenya. The cryptocurrency’s widespread popularity had led to the formation of long queues of individuals seeking to undergo its verification process.


“We acknowledge the Ministry’s statement and wish to emphasize that security is our top most priority and we understand that the huge crowds over three days at KICC presented a major issue.”


As per the company’s statement, the team is currently developing an onboarding program that incorporates enhanced crowd management protocols. Furthermore, they intend to collaborate with local authorities to enhance awareness of the privacy measures and assurances that WorldCoin enforces, not only within Kenya but across all locations.


“Worldcoin remains committed to providing an inclusive, privacy-preserving, decentralized on-ramp to the global digital economy and looks forward to resuming its services in Kenya while working closely with local regulators and other stakeholders,” it added.


WorldCoin emphasized that it utilizes cutting-edge technology and rigorous security protocols to protect users’ personal data. Additionally, the company has re-affirmed its commitment to maintaining complete adherence to Kenyan laws and regulations, ensuring full compliance and transparency in all its operations within the country.

The company has also expressed its dedication to nurturing productive discussions with local stakeholders aiming to establish a seamless and mutually advantageous collaboration.




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