NORTH AFRICA | Tunisian Fintech, My Easy Transfer, Secures Over $400,000 Funding Following Substantial Growth in Just One Year

The startup specializes in remittances for Tunisians in the diaspora. In just one year, My Easy Transfer achieved substantial growth, serving over 10,000 customers. There are over 2 million Tunisians living abroad with remittances from this group expected to hit over $30 billion by end of 2023.

Tunisian fintech startup, My Easy Transfer, which specializes in secure fund transfers for the diaspora, has secured €400,000 (approximately US$420,000) in funding to accelerate its growth and broaden its range of services.

The fundraising was raised from Tunisian venture capital firm, 216 Capital. Founded in Tunis in 2021 by a team of entrepreneurs, investors and company builders, 216 Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage technology companies.


“My Easy Transfer represents immense potential, capable of transforming the financial transfer landscape and offering faster and more economical solutions for users” explains Dhekra Khelifi Partner at 216 Capital.


My Easy Transfer was established in March 2022 with the objective of streamlining money transfer services for the community and leveraging their expertise to benefit their country and fellow citizens. In just one year, My Easy Transfer achieved substantial growth, serving over 10,000 customers.

The substantial Tunisian diaspora, with nearly 2 million Tunisians living abroad, wields a significant impact on the Tunisian economy. Remittances from this group are expected to surge to an impressive 10 billion Dinars (~$30 billion) by the end of 2023.

The fundraising by My Easy Transfer represents a significant milestone in the startup’s history as it aspires to enhance its platform to cater to all the payment requirements of the diaspora. This includes services such as money transfers, sending mobile top-ups, and local bill payments, among others.

My Easy Transfer has ambitions to transform its model into the first payment Super App for the diaspora, thereby reinforcing its presence in Tunisia through new partnerships and extending its services to new African markets such as Morocco, Mali, and Senegal, among others.


“We want to offer each Tunisian living abroad the possibility of managing all their financial transactions to Tunisia from their smartphone with our platform,” said Ismail Khenissi, Co-Founder of My Easy Transfer.





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