LAUNCH | Nigerian Web3 Startup, WiCrypt, Unveils Decentralized WiFi HotSpots on the Peaq Blockchain Ecosystem

Currently, WiCrypt's decentralized physical infrastructure network boasts nearly 1,100 hotspots spanning over 30 countries, serving more than 45,000 accounts, and delivering over 895TB of data.

Wicrypt Network a decentralized mobile internet sharing and monetization network, has unveiled its first WiFi hotspots on the decentralized physical infrastructure blockchain, Peaq, allowing owners to earn tokens.

WiCrypt hotspot devices allow anyone to share their WiFi with others. Users also get to mine the Wicrypt Network Token ($WNT) while sharing their internet connection.

Now the solution is expanded on the innovative Peaq blockchain, which is specialized for building both decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized physical infrastructure (DePins), through the self – sovereign multi-chain machine identities.

According to Peaq, self-sovereign machine identities (SSMIs) are digital identities that enable vehicles, machines, robots, and devices to identify themselves with each other, with people, and with their environment.


“What makes them special is that they’re decentralized identities; they enable direct, peer-to-peer identification and interaction without being dependent on centralized third-parties,” Wicrypt says.


The first hotspots outfitted with Peaq IDs are already live on Peaq’s ‘testing ground’ network, Krest. According to Peaq, these hotspots allow individuals and businesses to:

  • Share their internet connection
  • Address the last-mile delivery challenge, and
  • Earn tokens based on their usage


“As a production-grade network, Krest gives us a perfect testing environment for everything we build on Peaq, and in the longer term, it will boost the rewards users earn on our DePIN ecosystem. It’s the perfect incentivisation mechanism to power connecting the disconnected,” says Ugochukwu Aronu, the CEO at Wicrypt.


The hotspots now have their unique Peaq IDs, which enable them to interact with the network, and can be found on SubScan – the blockchain explorer for the Paq and Krest ecosystem.

The Wicrypt Explorer is an Intelligent Mapping System that allows users to see all the WiCrypt Hotspot Hubs near them. providing easy connection and seamless experience.

Currently, WiCrypt’s decentralized physical infrastructure network boasts nearly 1,100 hotspots spanning over 30 countries, serving more than 45,000 accounts, and delivering over 895TB of data, the company said in a press release. The development expands its integration with Peaq, described as the go-to blockchain for real-world applications working as its Web3 backbone.

WiCrypt, which won the Global Prize at LEAP 2023 Rocket Fuel Pitch Startup Competition, has released a new version of its operating system for the devices, which makes them compatible with Peaq.

New users joining the network will have the option to purchase a device that’s been connected with Krest in advance, while owners of existing devices will be able to switch to this operating system manually. Since the devices are registering their transactions on the network just like any other dapp, this presents an opportunity for further development and creativity too.

WiCrypt is open-sourcing the integration and releasing the supporting documentation and videos on linking the devices with Peaq.

See videos:

for onboarding on the Peaq Network.





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