INTRODUCING | Jambo Unleashes the JamboPhone – The First Web3 Earn Phone for Emerging Markets

Introducing the JamboPhone: the first Web3 earn phone, tailored for emerging markets and priced at an astonishing $99.

Jambo, celebrated for its trailblazing Web3 super app, is boldly transforming the smartphone arena to connect new users to global opportunities. Introducing the JamboPhone: the first Web3 earn phone, tailored for emerging markets and priced at an astonishing $99.

This groundbreaking device offers users unparalleled access to digital empowerment opportunities. Explore the unique features of the JamboPhone and unlock early bird benefits by using the code ‘JAMBOBITKE‘ at checkout on their website,

Jambo, a frontrunner in Web3 technology across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, proudly unveils the JamboPhone. Far more than a standard smartphone; it’s a gateway to the future of digital empowerment. Built for the people, by the people – accessible at $99.

Specially crafted to meet the nuanced needs of emerging markets, the JamboPhone is the key to democratizing Web3 technology. Pre-loaded with the JamboApp, it merges:

  • Exhilarating gaming via JamboPlay
  • Secure multi-chain crypto management through JamboWallet, and
  • Lucrative earning opportunities within JamboEarn

all in a single, user-friendly interface. 


“We believe that talent is equally distributed [globally] but opportunity is not.” – James, Co-founder of Jambo


Jambo’s strategic move bridges the gap between tangible innovation and digital excellence. This synergy broadens Jambo’s reach in key emerging markets, answering the growing demand for cost-effective yet advanced smartphones.

Since its inception, Jambo has garnered support from industry leaders and top investors including announcing a $30 million Series A round led by Paradigm in May of 2022.

The JamboPhone is more than a technological marvel – it’s the heart of a global movement. Seamlessly integrated with the JamboApp and Jambo’s dynamic ecosystem, it empowers users to earn while engaging in an array of captivating games and applications. JamboApp’s availability on Google Play extends its accessibility to a curated selection of partner apps and games, meticulously chosen for both enjoyment and earning potential.

The JamboPhone, now available for direct orders at, is a testament to Jambo’s commitment to digital empowerment and innovation.

As 2024 unfolds, the JamboPhone is set to catalyze digital empowerment across the globe. As a representation of the ever-evolving Jambo ecosystem, the smartphone is constantly updating with new quests and applications. The JamboPhone and JamboApp are not static; they are living, evolving gateways to the future of Web3 technology.


Join the Digital Empowerment Movement with Jambo

  • Immerse yourself in the innovative world of JamboPlay, JamboEarn, and JamboWallet within the JamboApp on the Play Store here, and stay tuned for the introduction of additional groundbreaking features.
  • Discover a handpicked selection of apps on the JamboPhone home screen and on JamboPlay, each offering unique engagement and earning opportunities, specifically tailored for emerging markets by ordering your JamboPhone here.
  • Expect continuous updates, with new quests and applications regularly enhancing the JamboPhone and JamboApp experience.



Be a Part of the Collaborative Future

  • Developers of games and apps, seize this opportunity to partner with Jambo and tap into burgeoning markets. 
  • Secure your JamboPhone today at and be at the forefront of this groundbreaking wave.
  • Download the JamboApp from Google Play and embark on a journey where every tap opens doors to new possibilities.


Embrace the change that the JamboPhone promises to bring to the world. Redefining the smartphone experience in emerging markets, the JamboPhone is not just a device; it’s the dawn of a new era for digital innovation worldwide.




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