LIST | Central Bank of Kenya Grants Licenses to 19 More Digital Lending Companies Bringing the Total to 51

See the full list of accreddited digital lenders in Kenya below.

The Central Bank of Kenya has granted fresh licenses to 19 digital lending services, adding to the 32 that were announced in March 2023.

Officially termed as Digital Credit Providers (DCPs), the move by CBK brings to 51 the total number of services under the regulatory regime. The bank commenced regulation of digital lenders in March 2022 requiring the lending services to apply for new licenses by September 17, 2022, or cease operations.

The newly licensed lenders include:

  • Lipa Later Limited
  • Ceres Tech
  • Azura Credit
  • Chapeo Capital
  • Chime Capital
  • Creditarea Capital
  • Decimal Capital
  • Dexintec Kenya Limited
  • Factorhouse Limited
  • Fezotech Kenya Limited
  • Fortune Credit Limited
  • Lobelitec Credit
  • Maralal Ledger
  • Marble Capital Solutions
  • MKM Capital
  • Pi Capital Limited
  • Senti Capital
  • UbaPesa Limited
  • Zillions Credit Limited


“We acknowledge the efforts of the applicants and the support of other regulators and agencies in this process,” CBK adds in the statement.


The full list of accreddited digital lenders in Kenya:

  1. Anjoy Credit Limited
  2. Asante FS East Africa Limited
  3. Autochek Limited
  4. Azura Credit Limited
  5. Ceres Tech Limited
  6. Chapeo Capital Limited
  7. Chime Capital Limited
  8. Colkos Enterprises Limited
  9. Creditarea Capital Limited
  10. Decimal Capital Limited
  11. Dexintec Kenya Limited
  12. EDOMX Limited
  13. Extend Money Services Limited
  14. Factorhouse Limited
  15. Fezotech Kenya Limited
  16. Fortune Credit Limited
  17. Fourth Generation Capital Limited
  18. Getcash Capital Limited
  19. Giando Africa Limited (Trading as Flash Credit Africa)
  20. Inventure Mobile Limited (Trading as Tala)
  21. Jijenge Credit Limited
  22. Jumo Kenya Limited
  23. Kweli Smart Solutions Limited
  24. Letshego Kenya Ltd
  25. Lipa Later Limited
  26. Little Pesa Limited
  27. Lobelitec Credit Limited
  28. Maralal Ledger Limited
  29. Marble Capital Solutions Limited
  30. MKM Capital Limited
  31. MFS Technologies Limited
  32. M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited
  33. Mwanzo Credit Limited
  34. Mycredit Limited
  35. MyWagepay Limited
  36. Natal Tech Limited
  37. Ngao Credit Limited
  38. Okolea International Limited
  39. Pezesha Africa Limited
  40. Pi Capital Limited
  41. Rewot Ciro Limited
  42. Risine Credit Limited
  43. Senti Capital Limited
  44. Sevi Innovation Limited
  45. Sokohela Limited
  46. Tenakata Enterprises Limited
  47. UbaPesa Limited
  48. Umoja Fanisi Limited
  49. Zanifu Limited
  50. Zenka Digital Limited
  51. Zillions Credit Limited

The decision by the government to regulate digital lenders came following concerns from the public about poor practices from digital lenders. Some of the practices that irked Kenyans include:

  • High-interest rates
  • Over-indebtedness
  • Unethical collection practices
  • Personal data abuse

As reported by BitKE, in December 2022, to address some of these concerns, the government introduced its digital lending platform called Hustler Fund.

The Hustler fund, a signature campaign promise by current President William Ruto, can be accessed via USSD by dialing *254# from any of the country’s three mobile phone network providers.




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