Aion Network Chief Strategist Talks Broader Company Vision while in Kenya

The First Aion Network Meetup at the Nailab

The Blockchain ecosystem is growing fast and we’re seeing many blockchains and blockchain use cases coming up. Despite this progress however, a problem exists:

The Interoperability problem.

You see all these blockchains are currently fragmented and living in silos. There is sharing of resources or communication between the different blockchains. As a result, we end up going back to the same problem that blockchains were meant to solve – centralization of resources and data.

The Aion Solution to the Interoperability Problem

The First Aion Network Meetup at the Nailab

While on recent visit to Kenya, Matt Spoke, the founder of the Aion Network, spoke about the solution the company is looking to solve when it comes to connecting blockchains.

Sam Pajot, the Chief of Strategy, Aion Network, extended this thought and showed that the Aion project is looking to solve a much bigger problem than we previously thought.

According to the strategist:

“We believe that there’s gonna be multiple blockchains that are going to exist – not necessarily major three to major five – there will be industry-specific blockchains, user-specific blockchains, and maybe purpose-specific blockchains for particular applications. We see the design of an interoperable ecosystem to be kind of across all these networks.”

As a result, the company is looking to connect with as many projects across the world as possible. The global need for interoperability down the line makes such partnerships and collaborations essential.

In Kenya, Aion Network has been collaborating with the EOS Nairobi team to see how the EOS developers can plug into the Aion Network and develop projects that cut across the different blockchains with the help of Aion.

The Aion Network Meetup 2.0 is scheduled for May 10th, 2018 at The Nailab, Nairobi, Kenya.