A Chat with Kenya Blockchain TaskForce Chairman, Bitange Ndemo

Chairman, Kenya Blockchain Taskforce, Bitange Ndemo, with Trescon Global CEO during the World Blockchain Summit Nairobi, 2018

The World Blockchain Summit 2018 – Nairobi Edition – paved the way for conversations around the Blockchain and the impact of this technology.

Bitange Ndemo, the Chairman of the recently established A.I. & Blockchain Taskforce by the Government of Kenya, addressed the audience at the event. 24Bit, a technology talk show, also caught up with the Blockchain advocate to discuss the Kenya government’s recent push for adoption of this new technology.

Ndemo expressed his sentiments by saying that he is happy the government has decided to go ahead and participate in this new third wave rather than just become spectators and consumers.

The Kenya Government Starts Adoption of Blockchain

During the interview, Mr. Ndemo revealed that NTSA and the Lands Ministry have already started implementing the Blockchain technology.

“Lets move the discorse from one vertical, which is the financial, where the cryptocurrency stands, to other verticals – agriculture, education, health – and several other areas,” said Ndemo.

Here is a snippet of the interview:


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