Botswana Launches the Botswana Blockchain Association

The launch of the Botswana Blockchain Association at Satoshi Centre
The launch of the Botswana Blockchain Association at Satoshi Centre

On Saturday 9th June, 2018, at Oasis Motel, Botswana blockchain community entered a new era with the launch of the Botswana Blockchain Association.

The event, which saw attendance from people of various disciplines, was a success.

Satoshicentre Botswana, who are the founding members of the association, led the proceedings of the day, first, by highlighting the importance of having an association which means taking Blockchain to the people. The association intends to be a contact point between the people and policy makers.

The association aims to join hands with various other established associations from Kenya, Uganda, and globally, to learn and also expose it’s members to the blockchain technology.

Following an influx of so many Bitcoin scams and fly-by-night, non-existing mining schemes in Botswana,the association plans to run an education platform that will protect its people from such activities.

Alakanani Itireleng, the Bitcoin Lady, serves as the chairperson of the Botswana Blockchain Association


According to the Chairperson, Alakanani Itireleng, popularly and passionately referred to as the Bitcoin Lady, “Our aim is to educate and empower.”

The association is planning to host a summit in order to attract more people to the technology and introduce Botswana to the various blockchain groups in Botswana and around the world.





We shall update you on the Botswana Blockchain ecosystem and upcoming events, activities, and developments around Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the country.