Eugene Mutai Simplifies the Blockchain at the ‘Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency’ NextGenTech Event

It is not always easy to explain how the blockchain works especially to first timers. Being able to demystify and break down the components and attributes of a blockchain is a skill in itself, and Eugene Mutai definitely has it.

The ‘Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency’ NextGenTech event organized by Cellulant Limited and Moringa School offered a great opportunity to demystify the blockchain technology and help more people understand its many use cases.

Eugene Mutai, a cryptocurrency miner, investor, and enthusiast, is also a software developer at Andela. He is also a regular speaker at blockchain events across Africa.

In this video, he beautifully breaks down the blockchain in very easy terms for anyone to understand and grasp the meaning without sounding too complicated.

Take a listen.

Look out for more videos from the ‘Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency’ NextGenTech event which took place at Cellulant Limited Offices, Nairobi, Kenya