ChamaPesa Documentary Screening – Event Highlights

ChamaPesa is probably one of the few companies in Kenya that have identified and solved a real problem on the blockchain for savings groups.

In order to raise more awareness on the need for this chama solution, the company created a documentary which was screened for the first time at Metta, Nairobi, on 22nd, June, 2018.

The event documentary highlighted the activities of chamas in Kenya, the savings model they employ, and the challenges faced with this old paper ledger savings method.

During the ChamaPesa Documentary Screening at Metta, Nairobi, Kenya

Michael Kimani, the co-founder of ChamaPesa, gave a detailed breakdown of the pre-shoot and how they came up with the documentary prior to the screening.

Afterwards, during the Q&A, he explained the ChamaPesa revenue model, the new decentralized approach the company is taking with the app, and how the new ChamaCoin, together with the platform they are creating, will be used to connect third parties and enable them tap into the Kshs. 300B chama space.

Check out the event recap with Michael Kimani breaking down the third-party aspect of the app.

You can also check out the full documentary from this link: Comparative Advantage