Funtrench Launches the Blockchain Campus, the first of its Kind in Kenya, to Train Blockchain Courses

One of the courses being offered at Funtrench

Blockchain education is one of the most important steps towards achieving blockchain adoption in order to solve the problems that the technology is intended to solve. Funtrench is one of these companies bringing blockchain education into Kenya.

Funtrench Limited is a technology company that was founded in 2008 and incorporated in
2010 as a technology company focusing on software development. The company evolved in
the 2014-2015 period to focus on cryptocurrencies development and trading and onto
blockchain technology solutions as a natural evolution of that pivot.

Funtrench New Blockchain Campus at Parklands, Nairobi

In 2018, the company set up the first blockchain training facility offering accredited courses in blockchain technology. The dedicated Blockchain Campus, the first facility of its kind in Africa, is located at Park Office Suites in Parklands. This is the first of a series of locations where the company aims to become the premier provider of blockchain technology
training in Eastern Africa.

The certification partner is Positrust LLC, an American company that is a leader in blockchain technologies. Positrust developed the original proof-of-concept for blockchain training for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.

Funtrench is also an official platform partner for Multichain – a blockchain platform developed by Coin Sciences Limited – for building blockchain-based solutions. Funtrench is currently the only Multichain Platform Partner in Africa outside South Africa.

Blockchain technology – formally known as distributed-ledger technology – now affects
millions of transactions and lives after its rapid growth following the rise of Bitcoin, the first
blockchain-based digital currency. It allows for global money transfer, enforceable digital
contracts, fraud-resistant supply-chain management, and secure data storage among other

Blockchain Courses at Funtrench

The company is currently offering training packages for individuals, institutions and companies that wish to bring their workforce up to speed with this emerging and powerful technology.

A breakdown of the courses offered at Funtrench

These range from introductory workshops to full-scale certification programs. The entry-
level flagship workshop is ‘Blockchain for Everyone,’ which is recommended for anyone who wants to get into this exciting new industry.

One of the courses being offered at Funtrench

Among the trainers is Janet Kemunto, a well-known cryptocurrency evangelist and trading
expert, who has been instrumental in taking the idea of blockchain across East Africa in talks, seminars and workshops. Now you can learn about cryptocurrency trading from one of the best in the business.

One of courses being offered Funtrench

For all workshops, participants receive a certificate issued by Positrust LLC, while
students in the courses are examined by Positrust and likewise get certificates issued by the same company. All certificates from Positrust are verifiable on a blockchain run by the company to prevent fraud or counterfeiting.