EOS Nairobi and Moringa School Announce the Nairobi Blockchain Hack Day Event

This is the first hackathon organized by EOS Nairobi in collaboration with Moringa School
This is the first hackathon organized by EOS Nairobi in collaboration with Moringa School

Does coding spark your interest?Does blockchain excite you?

The Nairobi Blockchain Hack Day is an event organized by EOS Nairobi Community in partnership with Moringa School. The objective of the hack day is to provide a platform to actualize the creative and innovative use of blockchain technology. The hack day brings together blockchain developers who have the passion, drive and skills to change the world around them. Meet enthusiastic blockchain developers, mentors and experts. Build Dapps and smart contracts using Blockchain.

Event details:

  • Developers are encouraged to read the problem statement, research and prepare their blockchain projects (Dapps or smart contracts) before the event.
  • Marks will be awarded based on three main pillars: functionality, UI/UX experience and real-world usability.
  • There will be a mini-challenge between 10:00 am- 11:00 am that will be contributory to a developer’s final performance.
  • The hacking session will run from 11:00 am to 2 pm.
  • Developers will pitch their projects to a panel of judges between 2pm- 4pm.
  • 10 developers will qualify for a second hack day.
  • Food, drinks and freebies will be availed to all event participants.

Developers who qualify on the next hack day will be selected for the Kotani Blockchain Incubator program. This program is run by EOS Nairobi and will focus on training developers on the EOS protocol.

Problem description/Challenge:

In developed markets of the world, a premium is attached to products that are legally obtained and organically grown. It is a requirement in many of these countries that their citizens are exposed to the healthy products and that these products promote environmentally sustainable practices. In order to access such markets or take advantage of such premiums, developing countries exporting goods to the developed world need to show the chain of custody of the produce from production to market. The goods can be verified by the purchaser as per his/her parameters.

Developers are required to develop an end-to-end secure chain system. This chain is supposed to have an end-to-end serialization that maintains a single trusted record of transactions carried along the supply chain. The solution should be able to have capabilities of Blockchain that mitigate threats such as product diversion, counterfeiting, grey market distribution, spoilage, substandard products, and unauthorized introductions.

Benefits of Kotani Incubation Program:

1. Skills acquisition on EOS Dapp development.

2. Potential hire with hiring partners.

3. Consulting opportunities.

4. Contracting by EOS Nairobi community on Dev projects.

5. Access to angel and venture capital investors.

Requirements for the Kotani Incubation Program:

1. Basic programming skills. Preferably but not exclusively: C++ , Java Script, Python, Ruby and Node.

2. Willingness to participate in a 3 Month blockchain development project.

3. Willingness to work in a team.

Applicants interested in participating in hackathon can apply here.

Hurry tickets are running out fast!