A Closer Look at a Mining Hub in Kenya with Bithub Africa

We got a rare opportunity to have an insider look into the mining operations at Bithub Africa and what it takes to set up and manage a mini-mining operation and blockchain platform.

John Karanja, the founder and CEO of Bithub Africa, took us through the mining operations the company is undertaking. Some of the coins being mined at their facility include Ethereum and Ethereum Classic among others. The hub also supports a Ripple and two Lightning network nodes.

The company is working in partnership with BitMari from Zimbabwe to establish a solar mining facility that will see more Africans be able to mine and earn using solar panels.

A line of GPU miners for mining Ethereum located at Bithub Africa

The BBC has previously highlighted another Kenyan miner, Eugene Mutai, who also actively mines and earns, which shows the growing interest in crypto mining in Kenya and across Africa.

Whive Academy, a subsidiary of Bithub Africa is offering mining courses for anyone interested in learning how to set and run mining nodes.