Bithub Africa Co-Hosting the Largest Black Blockchain Summit in 2018

Nairobi-based blockchain accelerator, Bithub Africa, is co-hosting the largest Black Blockchain Summit in 2018 which will be held on 10 and 11 September 2018 at the Howard University in Washington DC.

The aim of the summit is to discuss issues affecting black communities across the globe and will touch on various topics such as blockchain technology, financial inclusion, the environment, property rights, wealth creation, land, and academics.

The presenters and panelists of the summit are leaders in blockchain technology, education, research, software development, investment, and policy.

Bithub Africa is co-hosting the event in partnership with Zimbabwe-based crypto remittance services provider, BitMari. Tthe sponsors of the event include Bittrex, Bitland, Gemini, UpHold, BTCMedia, CageChain, and PerkinsCoie.


An Issue-Oriented Summit

The Black Blockchain Summit now happening at Howard University, Washington DC, U.S.

According to Bithub Africa’s founder John Karanja, the Black Blockchain Summit will not only tackle issues other blockchain events have failed to address but will also focus on finding innovative solutions which can be developed into something tangible.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, Bithub Africa founder, John Karanja said:

“I have attended close to 20 blockchain/crypto summits across the world and none of them has discussed real issues. These summits discuss things that are unreachable to the black communities at the moment.”

The Black Blockchain Summit will, therefore, be different because after the event, the speakers will identify the core resolutions which will be taken to a hackathon for development.

Karanja noted that often Africans contribute the least to the solutions of issues that affect them the most such as lack of energy access and environmental degradation. Therefore, this summit will give black people a platform to contribute to the formulation of solutions while identifying ways in which the blockchain space is relevant to the black communities.


Addressing Challenges through Community Effort

The Black Blockchain Summit has been organised on the premise that black people have, in the past, solved problems such as the apartheid, racism, and colonialism through community effort.

“The same efforts that were used by freedom fighters, liberators, and pan-Africanists are the same that will be used in achieving economic and social freedom today.” He added.

Most importantly, Karanja noted that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and instilling skills in young people have the potential to solve the challenges black people are experiencing.

Other Africa-based blockchain projects represented at the summit include: