University of Nairobi Might Soon Offer Short Courses on Blockchain

The University of Nairobi (UoN) might soon start offering courses in blockchain and emerging technologies.

Speaking during the “Understanding the Blockchain” book launch at Strathmore University, Pro. Njihia, Dean, School of Business, UoN, mentioned that UoN has partnered with a number of organizations in order to offer short courses in emerging technologies.

Due to strict regulations governing higher learning institutions, it is challenging to get innovation programs in emerging technologies to be adopted at universities. Short courses however can be offered without the red tape that longer programs have to go through.

“Short courses have no rigidity. They can be done very fast. This largely depends on the university’s rapid decision making. These one or two-day courses can be implemented quickly.” Said Pro. Njihia.

For these technologies to be taught, Njihia suggested having champions within these institutions who would be in a position to sell the ideas to decision makers in order to get such courses adopted.

Other professors at the UoN who have been very positive in getting blockchain adoption and education across Kenya include Bitange Ndemo, who is also the chairman of the Kenya blockchain taskforce.