African Blockchain Alliance Partners with ConsenSys Academy for an African Blockchain Developer Program

The Blockchain course ou'll also be able to make educated business decisions with your new, foundational understanding of blockchain.
The Blockchain course will enable you make educated business decisions with your new, foundational understanding of blockchain.

The Africa Blockchain Alliance has partnered with ConsenSys Academy, the educational core of the Ethereum movement to bring to focus the Blockchain Developer Program to Africa.

The online program, which is expected to roll out in March 2019 is aimed at developing industry-ready developers that make them marketable to top blockchain companies, organizations, and businesses around the globe.

The online developer course has been developed in partnership with both the top blockchain ConsenSys and Ethereum ecosystem developers.

Some of the topics to be covered in the course include:

  • Ethereum concepts
  • Introduction to key developer tools.
  • Critical aspects of smart contract and dApp development
  • Building a front-end.
  • Security best practices.

Additional support through mentors, meetups, community events and in-person sessions in select African cities will be provided by the African Blockchain Alliance.

Developer Program On-Demand is a comprehensive self-paced program with anytime, anywhere access to course material.

Speaking about this initiative, Ben Onuoha, founder, Africa Blockchain Alliance, said:

“I am particularly excited about this initiative as this is our contribution to helping bridge the global blockchain knowledge gap in order to help meet the demand for blockchain developers as well as creating more diversity in the blockchain world.”

Speaking on the benefits this would bring to the continent, Ben added:

“This program also has the potential to create employment for the graduates. Finally, blockchain expertise in Africa owned by Africans to deliver blockchain solutions is lacking and we are excited to be leading the charge in this regard.”

This will be a 3-month course with the first course beginning in March 2019. Upon successful completion of the course and project delivery, graduates will be issued with certificates on the Ethereum Blockchain.