BitcoinKE Partners with CryptoTVPlus of Nigeria to Expand Reach and Grow the African Blockchain Ecosystem

BitcoinKE and CryptoTVPlus Partnership is expected to help grow the African Blockchain Ecosystem Further in 2019

BitcoinKE and CryptoTVPlus have reached an agreement to work together with the goal of growing the African Blockchain Ecosystem. The partnership will enable both brands to reach East and West African markets by introducing projects, developers, and teams working in the blockchain space on both fronts.

In a joint statement, the two brands said:

“We propose a synergy between the above mentioned companies for the primary purpose of mutually expanding our reach and creating a global media force in the African Blockchain Ecosystem.”

The joint partnership will see content sharing between the two players that includes press releases, newsletters, infographics, videos, podcasts, cross-marketing content, and product mergers with common ground.

As BitcoinKE, we’re confident that this partnership will have a positive impact on our traffic and will enable featured projects and products reach a much wider African and global market.

Efforts to reach the wider Africa are underway to further grow the African ecosystem.



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