Akon City African Crypto Project Seals New Partnerships in June 2020 – A Reality Check


The Akoin flagship crypto project for rapper Akon, continues to make great strides with new partnerships being announced all the time.

The latest partnerships in June 2020 show the Akon project wants to power the whole of Africa with its underlying Akoin cryptocurrency.

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Below are just some of the latest partnerships in the month of June 2020:

Despite these impressive developments in its quest to become the future currency powering Africa, there are still concerns about the viability of the project as it has been promoted so far.

Akon seems to be blowing the same horn about the need to save Africa which has been all too common, and concerns over this have started to surface. For many, this seems to be yet another attempt at seeking investments and funding for the project.

Critics also point to the apparent lack of clear evidence of signed contracts and practicality of Akon City in Senegal. A few point to the lack of political goodwill in the country and how unrealistic the whole project is.


The challenges of doing business in Africa are all too obvious for those who live on the continent, and the truth is, it will not be a walk in the park for Akon to make his city a reality.

The partnership with Stellar Network has also been pointed as a weak spot when you consider that Stellar has been building projects in Africa for years with no viable use case so far.

All the proposed use cases for Akon cryptocurrency are still on paper and funding is apparently a bigger issue that is not being touted in the entire undertaking as Paxful CEO, Ray Youssef, recently tweeted:

Questions over Chinese involvement in the project has also raised concerns over the true intent of the project and whether it will live up to its proposed ideals, as opposed to the ongoing debate over China’s state policies on state-controlled investments in Africa.

The Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) project in Kenya has, over the years, faced ongoing criticism and getting it to where it is has been nothing short of determination, will and external support on the part of the founder.

Akon City is no doubt going to face similar challenges and we can only hope that the project becomes a reality and lives up to what it claims to be.




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