A Chat with Betty of Betty’s Place, the First Business in Kenya to Accept Cryptocurrency

Betty's Place, a restaurant in Nyeri, is now Accepting Bitcoin as payment

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Betty, the cryptocurrency business pioneer from Nyeri, Kenya, who accepts cryptocurrencies for payment at her restaurant.

Betty’s Place in Nyeri, Kenya, which is about 150KM from the capital Nairobi, offers a serene and relaxing environment in the middle of the small town for a refreshing cup of tea, coffee, or the local Nyama Choma. The restaurant is not only uniquely positioned, but also happens to be the only spot outside Nairobi, Kenya, where you can purchase food using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Dash.

Betty provided some great insights into the buying habits of crypto users and how accepting crypto has helped open up a wide opportunity for people to learn about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

It was quite interesting to learn how people like Betty are spearheading blockchain education and crypto adoption. According to the entrepreneur:

  • Betty’s Place has so far received over Kshs. 40, 000 ($400) in crypto payments
  • The average Bitcoin or crypto transaction is about Kshs. 500 ($5)
  • She teaches about blockchain and crypto using the local language

With a recent survey showing the slow use of crypto in daily transactions by crypto owners, it is encouraging to see a few brave ones pushing the envelope in this part of Africa to help grow use and adoption of cryptocurrencies and by extension, the blockchain technology in our day-to-day activities.