Looking to Launch an Asset-Backed Token in Kenya

Usawa, an asset-backed digital currency, designed to help make an impact on poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries, is looking to launch its services in Kenya.

In a discussion with Rich Management, the CEO of Usawa, Gary Nealon, spoke about the real estate investment opportunities that are made possible with an asset-backed token.

Speaking about the new offering, Gary said:

”The value of our token is designed to be stable & slowly increase over time. Usawa tokens are not a speculation or consensus currency like Bitcoin or most all of the other cryptocurrencies on the market today.”

Gary also spoke about investment opportunities that the company is offering that bypass government financial manipulation:

”Our [#Usawa] token was built specifically to provide a safe, asset-backed, liquid, store of value for individuals living in countries that have been taken advantage of on the global playground.” is on a mission to fix the financial system. Our purpose is to empower individuals who live in countries that have been ravaged by financial manipulation, greed and political corruptness.”

Gary hopes Kenya will become the first country where the model can be proven before it rolls out to other developing countries. At the moment, the idea is to work with governments that are more receptive to the idea and technology before going global.