Bitcoin Crosses the $5, 600 Mark for the First Time in 2019

For the first time in five months, Bitcoin’s price has now spiked above the $5, 600 mark in 2019.

Currently, Bitcoin dominates the market at over 54% market share.

Other cryptocurrencies have also seen an upward trend recently with Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market cap, trading at about $170 at the time of this writing.

Ethereum Price according to

The total crypto market cap now stands at over $183B.

By going beyond the $5, 600 mark, Bitcoin has formed the first bullish golden cross since October 2015, according to Bloomberg.

A look at the illustration below shows the significance of the $5, 600 mark since the bear market began.

Image courtesy of Bloomberg

The bullish Bitcoin and crypto trend that is pushing the price higher has been attributed to the optimism that Nasdaq is growing confident about Bitcoin futures. Rumours of an already launched Bitcoin Futures contract listed on Nasdaq’s TD Ameritrade futures are in circulation already.

Analysts are predicting that Bitcoin could hit the $6,000 mark soon, and possibly a high of $6,500.