[VIDEOS] Highlights from the Consensus 2019 Event

The Consensus event has always played a huge role in influencing crypto market prices and provides a great platform for launching and talking about products and services in the crypto and blockchain space.

The platform is also a great opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders and founders spearheading innovation and growth in the crypto and blockchain space.

We curated a few videos which we believe are worth watching from this year’s Consensus 2019 event which had quite a number of reputable speakers.

Below is our curated list of the videos we feel are worth watching from the event, courtesy of CoinDesk.

Use the link below to visit the Consensus 2019 Event video page:


  • Inside the Hype Machine: In Conversation with Justin Sun
Justin Sun, CEO, Tron
  • The Great Convergence? What happens when Tokens meet the Enterprise
  • From Digital Gold to Contract Theory: The Economics of Mainstream Adoption
  • In Conversation with U.S. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce
U.S. SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce
  • Where’s the Impact? Blockchains and Financial Inclusion
  • CorporateCoin – The Rise of Enterprise Tokens
  • Beyond the Trading Desk – What are Stablecoins Good For

  • STOs are Selling, but Who’s Buying? A Look at Buy-side Trends
  • Tokenization’s Impact on Legacy Markets
  • The End of Volatility? Stablecoins on the Rise

  • Deloitte: Blockchain Gets Down to Business – 2019 Global Blockchain Survey
  • Wall Street Meets Crypto – Who’s Disrupting Who?