Bitcoin Soars Past $10K for the First Time in 15 Months

Bitcoin continues to soar high in 2019 with the latest recorded high on some exchanges hitting $10,765 at the time of this writing.

On CoinMarketCap and various exchanges globally, Bitcoin continues to outshine all other cryptocurrencies. The latest gain of 10.29 percent is by far the highest in comparison with other major cryptos making Bitcoin the most attractive crypto asset to own to date.

According to CoinMarketCap, $21 billion worth of bitcoins have traded across cryptocurrency exchanges in the last 24 hours.

As of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is up more than 130 percent on a quarter-to-date basis.

So far, Bitcoin prices have rallied more than 140 percent in the last two and a half months.

According to some analysts, Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra and its announcement this week legitimizes crypto. This increased awareness and appeal brought on by Libra will no doubt drive hashrates to new highs leading to new and higher BTC price.


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