[VIDEO] Interview with David Marcus, Head of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency

David Marcus, Head of Libra, Facebook

The recent launch of the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency is expected to change the cryptocurrency space.

David Marcus, the Head of Libra at Facebook, in interviews with both Bloomberg and CNBC Television, spoke about the new project, the partnerships in the project, and what users can expect from this new digital currency.

Some of the topics he spoke about during the interviews include:

Bloomberg Interview:

  • Why Libra Needs Fiat Reserves
  • The Libra Association
  • Third-party Involvement in the Project
  • Regulation of On and Off Ramps
  • Anti-Money Laundering on Libra
  • How Calibra intends to Deal with Regulators and Regulations
  • The Future of a Permissionless Libra Chain
  • The Potential a Libra Economy

CNBC Interview:

  • Why a Protocol of Value is Needed
  • Why the Libra Blockchain is Needed
  • Facebook as an Independent Wallet Provider on the Network
  • Facebook Revenue Streams from Libra
  • Privacy Data on Libra

Check out the full interviews above.