Nigerian Man Recovers 0.99 BTC Bought in 2013 for $300

A Nigerian man who bought and forgot $300 worth of Bitcoin in 2013 has recovered his wallet to find it is now worth close to $10, 000 at the current bitcoin price.

According to Faith Titus, co-founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG), the man reached out to her on Facebook to inquire about Bitcoin following news updates on cryptocurrencies.

After discovering how much his small investment is now worth, the man was visibly surprised and quite excited based on the conversation.

Faith shared the screenshots of her conversation with the man as she helps him recover his wallet and password and retrieve his lost Bitcoins.

At one point, the man reveals that he was advised to invest at least $3, 000 (Approx.1 million Naira) which he declined:

“Around 2013/14, some dudes were disturbing me about bitcoin and I just wanted to get them off my case. Had to patronize them coz they were in charge of a big payment I was processing. ”


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He adds:

“They wanted me to put in N1m (Approx. $3, 000 back then) or more and I refused coz I didn’t trust the story. Done many things like that for the heck of it.”

On her Facebook page, Faith writes:

“My joy today, I helped a man here I connected with today on Facebook recover 0.99BTC worth $300 in 2013 he has forgotten. […] Now, let us assume this $300 or 100K Naira was forgotten in the bank since 2013. Would it be worth 3.2 million Naira 5 years after?”

She concluded by saying:

“Hopefully, this is worth writing an article  and news everywhere.”

Here at BitcoinKE, we definitely agree that this is a story worth publishing. 🙂


NB: BitcoinKE has reached out to BNUG and has confirmed the authenticity of the story.



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