Registree Partners with University of Cape Town to Integrate Student Records on the Blockchain

Registree, a South African startup that has created a blockchain-powered decentralized database, has partnered with the University of Cape Town (UCT) to securely create and store student data.

According to Registree:

“We believe that you should own your data and have full control over how it is used! To realize this vision, we’ve built a platform where universities can store sensitive student data in a shared database that guarantees privacy and gives students full control over who has access to their sensitive data.”


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The platform intends to enable universities provide the optimal support by “guiding students through their academic pursuits and providing them with access to quality graduate jobs.”

Students are able to claim ownership of their data either using Auth0 or Uport.

Registree believes they have the perfect dashboard tool to do just that.

Here is a basic overview of the platform:

  • A global decentralized student database system enabling seamless transfer of students from one institute to another
  • A platform that enables students to gain access to novel services by providing   permissioned and limited use of their verified data to service providers
  • Registree links de-identified, tamper-proof, append-only student records to securely stored personal information via a smart contract on a blockchain
  • To increase security, only permitted users are allowed to interact with the data due to our access-controlled API endpoints to all parts of the architecture

Speaking on the new partnership, co-Pierre Georg, CEO, Registree, said:

“We started Registree because we realized that universities struggle to fully use of the vast amount of student data they collect due to information sensitivity. We are very excited to show that blockchain can solve real-orld problems in a very practical and user-friendly manner.”

So far, the platform has onboarded over 3,000 students with a strong demand for the service. The startup is looking to expand internationally by 2021 with a particular focus on emerging markets.





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