Africa Blockchain Institute Set to Launch a Blockchain Dev School in Rwanda in 2020

The Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI), has said it will launch a blockchain development school in Rwanda in 2020 in an effort to provide high quality blockchain education to students, young professionals, business executives, and policy makers, for the Future of Work.

ABI has been running a pilot program in Ghana. The inaugural class successfully introduced blockchain essentials certificate course and is now ready to be launched across the continent.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, Kayode Bararinde, the Executive Director, ABI, said:

“The core of the inaugural class in Ghana is to launch the Blockchain Essentials Certification course, with topics that empowers individuals with tools in understanding Blockchain, and connecting them with opportunities for growth.

Because it has achieved its aim, which is, confirming people’s interests in Blockchain trainings, feedbacks on the curriculum, and finalize regional operations there.”

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The five key courses in the pipeline now include:

  • Blockchain Essentials Certification Course
  • Blockchain Developers’ Course
  • Enterprise Blockchain Course
  • Blockchain for Lawyers
  • Blockchain for Impact

ABI will be working closely with the Blockchain Association of Rwanda to offer visibility for the market, strengthen blockchain and cryptocurrencies regulatory framework as well as reducing the effect and growth of cryptocurrency scams which have hit the East African market.

According to Babarinde, Rwanda is key in helping scale what ABI is doing:

“Africa Blockchain Institute is needed by Africans, part of which is Rwanda. ABI is meant to serve the continent out of Rwanda, that is why we Head Quartered there. ABI is a pan African Institute with regional centres across the continent, to further bring these trainings closer to people. While the Head Quarters remain the major place for our core programs.

Blockchain is one of the leading Emerging Technologies, with solutions deployed globally across relevant sectors. In order to adopt this technology effectively, there is the need to upskill personnels (built on their previous knowledge), to effectively handle these solutions for their work/project. Since Africa is not left out, ABI is helping to bridge this gap through certified trainings, and programs, in order to be in DEMAND.”



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