Uganda Communications Commission to Pilot Blockchain – A Q&A Chat with CryptoSavannah

The Uganda Communications Commision (UCC) recently announcement that it will be piloting SIM card registration and verification via the blockchain.

UCC was also recently ranked 4th in Africa on the regulation of ICT, according to the ITU global ICT regulatory Outlook 2020 Report.

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BitcoinKE had a chat with CryptoSavannah, one of the companies partnering with UCC in the pilot project.

Here is the exclusive Q&A chat with CryptoSavannah:


Question: What informed the decision by UCC to consider blockchain?

Answer: Through a series of discussions and understanding their pain points particularly with SIM card registration, we agreed with UCC that this would best be solved by a blockchain because of the security the technology would bring, transparency – giving them industrywide visibility into the SIM registration and validation process, something they didn’t have.

Blockchain would also alow them to leverage the massive KYC the industry has to offer to other industries being able to share this KYC data without compromising privacy – something blockchain does well.

With these benefits UCC was convinced that blockchain was the way to go.


Question: When can we expect the deployment to roll off?

Answer: We launched the pilot phase which will run for about 7-8 months after which UCC will plan for a mass rollout of the platform.


Question: What is CryptoSavannah’s comment in regards to this partnership?

Answer: CryptoSavannah is excited to showcase the power of technologies like blockchain in solving real world challenges.

We are glad to partner with UCC as one of the first government institutions to leverage the technology in a real world usecase.

We are also glad to be working with FSD Uganda, who actively support innovation and are driving a more inclusive financial sector.




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