Bitcoin is the 6th Largest World Currency So Far with a Market Cap of Over $200 Billion

Although hard to imagine, Bitcoin is now the 6th largest world currency, beating more than 170 different fiat currencies including the Russian Ruble.

Barely more than a decade old, Bitcoin is now ranked among the 10 largest world currencies.

There is no African fiat currency that comes close to beating the Bitcoin market cap.


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Here is a list of the top world currencies and where bitcoin stacks up:

  • The United States Dollar (USD) – $1.95 trillion
  • The Euro (EUR) – $1.38 trillion
  • The Chinese Yuan (CNY) – $1.15 trillion
  • Japanese Yen (JPY) – $1 trillion
  • Indian Rupee (INR) – $425 billion
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – $216 billion

Although this comparison might not exactly fit the conventional approach, the market capitalization of bitcoin puts it squarely in 6th position right ahead of the Russian Ruble.

A deep dive into the world of cryptocurrencies however reveals a much higher market capitalization for the entire industry.

The growing demand for DeFi has also accelerated the growth in the industry with almost $8 billion added into the space in less than 3 months.

The rise of Bitcoin in value in just 10 years is in stack contrast to the world’s currencies, making it the best investment of all time.

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