Crypto-Bank Transfer Traders in Kenya Ranked Fastest on Local Cryptos

Local Cryptos, the non-custodial P2P marketplace, has ranked Kenyan and Russian crypto bank transfer traders the fastest on the platform.

Below is a list of the fastest and slowest crypto↔bank transfer traders by country on LocalCryptos:


  • Russia, Kenya – 9 minutes
  • Malaysia, Thailand, India – 10 minutes
  • China, Poland – 11 minutes


  • Spain, Germany – 3+ hours

Equitel is one of the more popular bank transfer payment methods in Kenya.

A few weeks ago, Local Cryptos published a list of the fastest and slowest payment methods. Once again, Kenya’s M-PESA was ranked among the fastest payment methods.

SEE ALSOM-PESA is Our 3rd Fastest Payment Method and the Fastest in Africa, Says Local Cryptos

We decided to do a complete compilation of the fastest and slowest methods overall on Local Cryptos platform below:

Fastest (overall)

  • AliPay, WeChat – 5 minutes
  • M-PESA – 7 minutes
  • Russia, Kenya bank transfers – 9 minutes
  • IMPS – 10 minutes
  • Malaysia, Thailand, India bank transfers – 10 minutes
  • China, Poland bank transfers – 11 minutes
  • Western Union – 18 minutes

Slowest (overall)

  • International Wire Transfer – 34 hours
  • SEPA – 18 hours
  • TransferWise – 5 hours

Kenya, home of Safaricom’s M-PESA, is the third most popular country on Local Cryptos by weekly trade counts. According to Local Cryptos, there has been 10x growth in Kenya in 2020 so far, and no doubt, bank transfers and M-PESA are contributing immensely to the massive growth on the platform.


NB: Unlike other P2P platforms, Local Cryptos is a non-custodial P2P wallet – this means that when you make a transfer in your Local Cryptos web wallet, your browser uses your private key to generate and sign a transaction on your device using client-side cryptography. At no point in time do their servers see your private key. Your keys – your coins.




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