Bitzlato Africa Announces “12 Days of Crypto” Giveaway Starting December 14, 2020

Bitzlato, the latest and newest P2P crypto trading platform on the African continent, is running a huge giveaway that will see up to 103 African users get rewarded with cash giveaways.

In addition to its other 2 ongoing giveaways, Bitzlato has also announced a new holiday giveaway contest starting on December 14, 2020.

Here is a list of all 3 ongoing Bitzlato giveaways for the African community for December 2020:

In total, Bitzlato is giving away up to $30, 000 to its African community of users this December holiday!


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Here is how you can participate & be eligible for the ’12 Days of Crypto’ giveaway:
  • Find and trade by ads on the Bitzlato platform
  • Show your support on Bitzlato Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Share your affiliate links with your friends
  • Tag them under our posts in Social Media
  • A random like, retweet, initiated deal or comment under the posts – all of these take part in this draw and help you win a prize
The competition has the following reward system:

(Each winner gets a $20 BTC gift code)

  • December, the 14th – 1 winner
  • December, the 15th – 2 winners
  • December, the 16th – 3 winners
  • December, the 17th – 4 winners
  • December, the 18th – 5 winners
  • December, the 19th – 6 winners
  • December, the 20th – 7 winners
  • December, the 21st – 8 winners
  • December, the 22nd- 9 winners
  • December, the 23rd – 10 winners
  • December, the 24th – 11 winners
  • December, the 25th – 12 winners

78 winners in total

But it doesn’t stop there. From December 26th – December 30th, 2020, they will also choose 5 extra winners per day for the same kind of activity. Each of them will receive $15.

Which means that the total number increases to 103 winners!

Don’t waste time!

Go get your reward!

Good luck, have a great holidays and trade in Bitzlato!

Sign up for a Bitzlato account below to particpate in this giveaway:

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