[WATCH] 6 Out of 100 Startups in the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers 2020 List are Blockchain-based

The Technology Pioneers of 2020 list is out and includes 100 early-to-growth-stage companies from around the world that are pioneering new technologies and innovations in all disciplines.

The World Economic Forum has published the list every year, featuring the world’s most promising startups and scaleups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation, since the Year 2000.

Joining the 2020 list are 6 blockchain-based startups that are defining and changing the world using distributed ledger technologies.


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Here is the list of the 6:

  • Chainlink (UK) – Chainlink connects blockchains with all of the world’s data and infrastructure. The startup enables blockchain smart contracts to securely and reliably interoperate with real-world data and enterprise systems in order to empower everyone’s full economic potential

  • Elliptic (UK) – Elliptic’s mission is to protect businesses from financial crime in cryptocurrencies. The product offering enables banks, crypto-exchanges and other businesses to provide trusted services critical to the successful growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the industry.

  • Lightning Labs (USA) – Lightning Labs is building a programmable financial layer for the internet with fast, scalable bitcoin transactions. Lightning is like a credit card network for bitcoin, enabling instant, high-volume transactions with fees far lower than credit cards. The company is developing the Lightning software infrastructure along with financial products that make it easier to send and receive funds on Lightning

  • MakerDAO (Denmark) – The vision behind MakerDAO is to create a decentralized, transparent and accessible platform to level the economic playing field for everybody around the world. MakerDAO enables the generation of Dai, an unbiased currency and leading decentralized stablecoin. Dai eliminates volatility through an autonomous system of smart contracts, as well as through decentralized community governance

  • Ripio (Argentina) – Ripio has been building blockchain-based financial products for more than six years. As one of the first crypto companies in Latin America, Ripio focuses on developing and strengthening the new digital economy, offering financial alternatives to traditional banking solutions to reach all segments of the population. It has a team of 100 professionals in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, with the objective to expand services throughout Latin America

  • Verdium Labs (Hong Kong) – Veridium is working to provide a solution that goes well beyond climate change and sustainability to transform the way natural capital – potentially the world’s largest asset class – is priced and consumed. Led by the founders of one of the leading global carbon credit producers, Veridium is introducing a tokenized marketplace for environmental assets, including carbon credits, together with an integrated technology solution for corporate tracking of their environmental impacts

Technology Pioneers are an integral part of the Forum’s Global Innovators community, which is an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising innovators that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation.

Technology Pioneers are also part of the Forum’s Strategic Intelligence ecosystem, which helps industry leaders and decision-makers navigate transformations across industries, economies and global issues based on the insight and perspectives of the experts and innovators engaged with the Forum.


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